Hawkeye P.O.V.: Better days to come after surviving rough semester

ULM Hawkeye

Congrats to all for surviving the semester.

The Hawkeye offers its condolences to any students whose major was cut. Hopefully you can find a replacement major that suits your skills and taste. For some majors, like medical laboratory science, that will be tough, if not impossible.

Best wishes as well as to any faculty and staff who will not be returning. There aren’t too many things worse than being fired for reasons unrelated to your performance.

Great teachers are a rare commodity and it’s a shame to lose them due to financial issues.

It’s unfortunate that a lack of state funding forced us into the position of such drastic budget cuts, but hopefully this endless cycle of cuts does end before the university finds itself cut into pieces.

Hopefully you haven’t let that, or anything else negative that may have happened this semester, ruin your holiday spirit.

There is no point in dwelling on the negative. It already happened and there is nothing that can be done about it.

Once you accept that, it will be much easier to move past it and enjoy your holiday, at least until the calendar hits December and the dreaded finals arrive.

But then it’s back to the holidays with over five glorious weeks of Christmas break

Also, the Hawkeye would like to thank all of our readers. We wouldn’t be here without your support.

If there’s something that you don’t like then feel free to give us feedback.

If you think you can do better, our office is open for anyone who’d like to write for us.

Enjoy the holidays.