One-and-done rule no good for anyone

Dakota Ratley

College basketball is lacking something that it has had in the past. There really are no players that you can associate with a school over a period of time. In order to make it to the NBA, players are forced to go through one year of college, which takes a lot away from the game.

The rule itself is not a bad one. The NBA wants their players to be ready physically and mentally when they make it to the association.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting the new crop of players to be prepared. However, forcing the players to go to school really does nothing for them.

Every year there are players in college basketball that look like men amongst boys on the court. Those are the type of players that this rule should be lifted for. Could you imagine if LeBron James would have had to go to college?

Andrew Wiggins has been heralded as the next big thing in the NBA. Unfortunately for him, he has to sleepwalk through one year of college first.

He has already said he was going to the league after this year. What’s the point in forcing a player to go to school if he gets nothing out of it?

Gone are the days where players stuck around and built powerhouses. Today, programs such as Kentucky live off of those players that choose to go the one and done route.

There is not a player you can root for three or four years because he’ll be gone after one.

Teams don’t have time to build around a player, they just throw the five best players they can put on the floor and go with it.

The one and done rule only hurts both the NBA and college basketball. The NBA doesn’t get to cash in on the excitement of that brand new star, and college basketball has to deal with flash in the pan players. The game as a whole suffers.