P.O.V.: Making realistic resolutions is key to success

ULM Hawkeye


Welcome back to early morning classes, nights you wished you remembered, dangerous amounts of caffeine and late night study sessions. We missed having you.

With the start of the spring semester, let’s all remember that it’s a new year filled with endless possibilities of new beginnings. And on this new beginning, take a chance on success by forgetting the big, life changing resolutions and making small ones.

Instead of promising yourself you’ll drop 15 pounds this month, decide to eat a salad for lunch everyday. Or, rather than ban yourself from spending any money on clothes this semester, budget your money.

We are creatures of habit. We do things a certain way because it’s what is comfortable and familiar to us. Changing those habits won’t come overnight, and expecting it to happen that way is not fair to you, your confidence, your emotions or your self-esteem.

So, start small. Make a study schedule, go for morning runs, don’t blow your entire refund check on Dorito tacos and make friends with a stranger. After all, it’s the small victories that give us the confidence to achieve the big ones.

Maybe along the way you will even inspire someone to do the same. And, as you reach your goals, don’t forget to thank the people who help you along the way. Happy new year, good luck and talons out.