Plan spring break now to save cash, heartache

Gwendolyn Ducre

Starting a new semester and getting back to a regular school routine can become a conflict of interest when planning for spring break.

Having the perfect inexpensive room will only be available  if reservations are made early as possible. Perhaps, start calling around to find the best deals.

Making reservations early secures your chances of having a productive and memorable spring break.

Alicia Alexander, a reservation agent at Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City, says there has been a lot of spring breakers making reservations.

“Spring breakers should start making reservations no later than February, because prices will go up. Breakers should also know that they should never come without reservations,” Alexander said.

When preparing to make reservations, Alexander suggests being ready to pay the first night deposit and the security deposit. And always have a government issued I.D. Other types of identification will not be accepted.

According to Spring Break HQ, breakers who wait last minute will either end up in the worst hotels or pay an arm and a leg for a room.

HQ also explains the more rooms that are available the less they will cost. And as rooms become unavailable, the cost will increase. This is “Econ 101- the law of supply and demand”.

Cara Rascoe, a junior pre-nursing major, said she plans for her spring break vacation a complete school year in advance.

“We make a calendar of events before school starts. Some people that I know are already calling around asking for prices and how many people to a room. We know we’re not the only school that is out for break, but other schools too,” Rascoe said.

Rascoe also recalls a group of breakers that did not plan ahead and in result; they could only find a hotel 30 minutes away from the beach and the groups they traveled with. Had they planned ahead, they could have saved time-and not to mention gas.

Another money saving tip is to buy food and beverages here. Most vacation spots jack up prices on groceries so buy what you can here.