P.O.V.: Getting your money’s worth in classroom

ULM Hawkeye

Would you pay 12 dollars for a movie ticket then show up 15 minutes late, squeezing your not-so-firm tush between rows of irritated people?

When the “don’t text during the movie or we will kick you out” ad comes on, do you whip out your phone? Usually, assuming you’re not a jerk, you don’t.

You paid for that movie for the sole purpose of seeing it in its entirety, without the distraction of your mom calling you repeatedly to ask if you want spaghetti for dinner.

The classroom is really no different. As people that pay thousands of dollars for an optional education, we should feel like customers of the university.

We should be trying our best to get everything we can for every penny we put into the business we call ULM.

Coming to class late and disrespecting your professor and the students around you is a pretty big waste of not only their time and money, but of your own.

Spend 10 less minutes in the morning watching Playhouse Disney and refusing to get up and be an adult, so you can get to class on time.

Stop texting your best friend in the middle of accounting class about how you don’t know the difference between debits and credits and pay attention.

If not for the benefit of the people around you, do it for yourself. Because if you’re going to be broke and eating applesauce for dinner, you should probably be getting something out of the place you are investing all your money.