Athletic Dept. hits home run with Ace’s Army program

Dakota Ratley

The ULM athletics department has come up with a way to not only increase attendance at athletic events, but to reward students that try to make as many events as possible. This program is called Ace’s Army.  It has potential to help generate a huge amount of school pride while also increasing revenue for the university.

Ace’s Army will work on a points system in which students will earn points each time their student ID is swiped at a ULM sporting event. The points can then be used to buy a variety of items such as an Ace’s Army kozie, T-shirt or ice chest. This adds an attractive incentive for students to attend games that they may not have had interest in going to before.

The system would also hold bigger points for bigger games. Most games give one point, however, the basketball double header against Troy on March 1, and the baseball game against Grambling on April 13, will give two points. There will also be two big events, the March 3 softball game with LSU, and also the annual spring football game. Events over school holidays will be worth double points.

The athletics depatment is on the upswing.

Two years ago, the baseball team won the Sun Belt Conference and the football team continued its recent surge of success.

The university hopes to use the support these teams have gotten and use them to propel other areas of athletics.

This is a great move to try to increase buzz around the often-overlooked sports. Attendance at many of the athletic events on campus is severely lacking.

ULM may have an enrollment of over 8,600 students, but there are sporting events that fail to reach the attendance that their high school equivalents meet on a consistent basis. Ace’s Army has the potential to be a great thing for ULM’s athletic program. Keep an eye out as changes can be made and some games may be come worth more than originally stated.