P.O.V.: Travel the world while you’re young

ULM Hawkeye


You’re an adult. And you’ve spent a majority of your college career trying to convince people you are.

Dad had to repeatedly be told dates no longer need a chaperone, and you had to remind great aunt Myrtle she’s not allowed to check you out of class and take you to lunch. Now they’re all finally accepting you’re no longer their little baby. But, what now?

What are you going to do with this fabulous adulthood besides pay bills, purchase alcohol and live in your own place with three other equally irresponsible adults?

There’s always the typical dream to skydive or spontaneously come home with a sleeve tattoo, but the opportunity to travel the world is more readily available than people think.

Studying abroad, whether it’s on your own or through a university program, would be a pretty big adult move.

Picking up your things and hopping on a plane to a place you don’t know, dominated by a language you don’t speak, is equally scary and awesome.

Go meet people you’ll never see again, eat foods you can’t pronounce and take pictures of every single monument and person you walk past.

So what if you come back a little broke with too many useless souvenirs? If you don’t do what you want now, you may never get the chance.

The truth is, you don’t really get to plan your life. Good things happen when luck is in your favor, and tragedy strikes when you least expect it.

There’s no planning or organizing, no matter how OCD you are about following the calendar in your planner.

Take a chance on something frightening and new. People spend their entire lives saving money for retirement so they can travel the world, but 50 years is a long time to plan something that should be spontaneous.