Crime: Two arrested on-campus for drug possession

ULM Hawkeye

Kelly Shaw and Allen Carradine were arrested for possession of crack cocaine, methamphetamine, Xanax and marijuana on Jan. 31. They are not ULM students.

Carradine was pulled over by ULM Police Friday night for driving without headlights. He was then unable to provide police with proof of insurance, vehicle registration or a valid ID. Carradine and Shaw were removed from the vehicle.

Officers noted the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle and the smell of alcohol coming from Carradine. Carradine also displayed signs of intoxication once he was removed from the vehicle.

While police were searching the vehicle, a fireman noticed Carradine throw something into the bushes- a key to the vehicle. Police searched the vehicle and found a storage container disguised as a can of Colgate shaving cream in the glove box.

Inside the can, police found an unmarked pill bottle with .62 oz of crack cocaine, a plastic bag containing .06 oz of methamphetamine and three suspected meth capsules. An unmarked bottle of 30 alprazolam (Xanax) pills and two bags containing 1.26 oz of marijuana were also discovered in the glove box.

Carradine and Shaw were taken to the ULM Police Department. A subsequent search of Carradine revealed $156 cash hidden in his underwear.

Carradine and Shaw were transported to OCC and booked on drug possession charges. Carradine was also charged with driving without headlights and no proof of insurance.

The vehicle was towed by Donny Plunk’s Towing, and the seized evidence was logged into the ULM Police evidence locker.