Celebrate black history all year

Traneshia Stormer

As we all know, February is known as Black History Month, which is an annual celebration of the many accomplishments black Americans have made throughout the years.

It’s a time to recognize the central role and impact African Americans have made in United States history.

The entire month of February has been designated as Black History Month since 1976.

Other countries, including Canada and the United Kingdom, also dedicate a month to celebrate black history.

Even with knowing this, there are still some African Americans who complain about how only one month out of the year is dedicated to black history.

They gripe, moan and whine for the entire month when they could be spending this valuable time learning more about their heritage, the people who paved the way for them and the achievements so many African Americans have made.

There is so much rich history to be learned and so much knowledge to be gained, yet some people spend their time discussing the fact that it’s only one month and that it’s the shortest month of the year.

First, let’s talk about this 28 day month.

If I’m not mistaken, the African American culture is one of the few  given an entire month dedicated to celebrating its history, and the only culture that is so widely celebrated.

Second, let’s talk about our history. How much do you actually know?

So many African Americans today only scratch the surface of Black History… Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas, Condoleezza Rice and Malcolm X.

They think they know everything they need to know if they have learned about this small group of people.

Although these people are so very important, and it is imperative that you know about their contribution to black history, there are so many other African Americans who made incredible accomplishments.

As African Americans, we should be proud of who we are all year round, not just the month of February.

Use this month to celebrate black history with the world and, when March 1 rolls around, continue to celebrate your history, even if you’re doing it all by yourself.

Make the best you possibly can out of the 28 days dedicated to African American History and enjoy being able to celebrate black history with the world.  Dive into the history of African Americans and learn as much as you can.

Embrace your history, where you come from and who you are.

Don’t be so sidetracked about February being the shortest month of the year or only having one month.

You can either choose to let this black history month be like every other year by complaining and not doing anything.

Or, you could do the unexpected this year and choose to celebrate Black History, not only this month, but throughout this year and your entire life.