Eight students chosen for Intercollegiate Honor Band

Traneshia Stormer

Students from 11 Louisiana universities gathered at McNeese State University to participate in the 2014 Louisiana Intercollegiate Band from Jan. 17-19.

Eight music students from ULM were among them.

But before they could participate in the program, they had to go through a process. Students must first fill out an application that they are to bring with them to the audition process.

“The process that goes into being selected is basically like an NFL draft,” said Tyler McGaugh, a junior music major.

The band directors from each university get together to discuss all the applicants and their auditions. Only the best ones get selected.

Elizabeth Neuberger, a sophomore instrumental music education major, said, “It gives you a really big sense of accomplishment to be included in that list.”

All of the students who are selected then go to the host school, which was McNeese State University this year, for that particular year and audition for chair placement. After chair placement is complete, rehearsal starts immediately after.

“On Saturday, we rehearsed from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with a couple breaks in between,” McGaugh said.

The band was ready to perform after a long hour of rehearsal on Sunday.

“It was nose to the grindstone the entire time, but it was so much fun,” Neuberger said.

The band performed 12 of the 13 movements of the “Carmina Burana” and the “American Salute.”

The students enjoyed their time participating and performing with the ICB. McGaugh said it was great experience and Neuberger thought it was a “really cool opportunity.”

Despite the long rehearsals, Neuberger and McGaugh said they would definitely do it again. There is an Intercollegiate Band every year, and as long as they’re chosen, they can go and participate.

The ICB is sponsored by the state chapter of the College Band Directors National Associations and combines student musicians from Louisiana university band programs whose directors are members of the CBDNA.