Time to kill germs like they’re a bad habit

Gwendolyn Ducre

Growing up, I’ve seen a lot of questionable events go on. Most of which I can find answers to. But, for the life of me, I cannot find an answer as to why a woman does not wash her hands after using the restroom.

It completely baffles me when the woman in the stall next to me walks out into the world with unwashed hands.

For me, I would feel completely grossed out or feel incomplete without washing my hands after using not only public restrooms but also the bathroom in general.

One day, I was so disturbed by a woman not washing her hands I kindly asked why she skipped out on washing her hands.

She said she uses Germ-X throughout her day and didn’t feel the need to wash her hands. Though I understood her logic, I couldn’t agree.

Hand sanitizer has been used in my family household for years, so I’m not opposed to anti-bacterial hand gel. It’s great while out and about when you can’t get to the restroom to wash your hands.

Indeed, it’s a known fact that sanitizers can kill up to 99.9% of germs. But according to the FDA, there is no evidence that the products are effective in preventing E. coli or Staphylococcus infections.

Guys, you’re not safe from my judgment. Popular Science study shows that only 7% of men do wash their hands.

But, because I’m not there to witness the unsanitary acts of grossness I’ll keep all comments to myself.

Last week, I did my own observation, or study. I stood in the restroom for five minutes to see how many women would actually wash their hands.

Out of the five women I watched, only one washed her hands. The second young lady used hand sanitizer.

If hand washing weren’t so important, there wouldn’t be a proper technique on washing hands. For those who are not aware of this technique, first you must wet your hands. Then, apply anti-disinfectant soap and lather for 20 seconds.

When washing hands, you should also make sure to wash the back of your hands, wrists, in between your fingers and fingernails. Cleanliness is a great characteristic to have not only as a woman, but a person. You never know who is watching. So, keep it clean!