Organizations encourage emphasis Christ, communication are key to relationships

Traneshia Stormer

The Wesley Foundation and Chi Alpha came together to answer the age old question: What is love? Students gathered as nine panel members: four married females, four married males and one single male answered questions and discussed topics of love and relationships.

Sophomore marketing major, Gina Williams said, “It is a great way for college students to learn more about marriage and relationships before jumping into it.”

Most college students are in the stage of their lives where they are thinking about, experiencing, and confused about love, if not some combination of the three.

This event was an opportunity to hear what peers, as well as others, who have walked through life and learned about love and relationships had to say.

“I thought it was great and it raised up questions and issues I never even thought about,” Xin You, a freshmen communications major, said.

The event was comprised of two sessions where the males and females were split. The first session, the females were with the female panel members and the males with the male panel members.

In the second session, it was vice versa. Members of the audience asked different questions and the panel members gave very thoughtful, detailed answers.

One of the main points brought out by each of the panel members was the importance of keeping Christ at the center of your life and the center of your relationships.

Williams enjoyed the event and said the most important thing she learned was that “it is important to put God first in life, no matter what the situation.” One panel member went on to say that your spiritual relationship should be the main focus of your life.

The second most controversial topic discussed throughout the night was the significance of communication. In both sessions, each panel member elaborated on this topic. Learning to communicate with your partner helps you grow in your relationship and also leads to a stronger and healthier relationship. Communication is key, but does not always come easily. It is something you will have to continually work at.

Other key points from the evening were: Be okay with being single; if you aren’t happy alone, you probably won’t be happy in a relationship; and men want pursuit just as much as women want to be pursued.

Everything that was discussed was tied back to the two main points talked about: putting Christ first in your life and relationship and how communication is imperative in every relationship.