Women: don’t turn into a monster, turn into a friend

Gwendolyn Ducre

Alright ladies, it’s time to end all fights and bickering, tighten up those panty hoses and act like ladies.

For years, women have always acted odd against one another. Some actually have reasons, while others make up their own. What it all boils down to is jealousy. Some women are jealous of other women, and it shows.

When a woman has jealous for another woman, they are no longer human. Instead, they mutate into evil little monsters.

These monsters are so great at what they do, they’ll become your friend just to keep tabs on what you’re doing and when. So, watch out. They’re out to kill.

I’ve witness woman who would become friends with a girl, who was dating a guy she was interested in, just to be close with her boyfriend.

The ‘monster’ would constantly make plans with the girlfriend in hopes she would invite her boyfriend. The girlfriend was so blind, the ‘monster’ came empty handed and left with the guy in her arms.  They’re everywhere.

These ‘monsters’ transform into anything, just to get what’s yours.

Though these creatures are smart and powerful they are not to blame for most of your worries.

It’s important for other women to be responsible in recognizing these monsters dead on. You have to be quick. Kill them with kindness, and sencerity. You can’t blame theme for trying. You blame yourself for letting them win.

Women should be more than the catty females men think we all are. The stigma of women gossiping and being immature needs to end now.

You can’t complain about being compared to everyone else just because you’d rather know what everyone else is doing.

We have to do better, to be better.

Since it’s Woman in History month, I challenge all woman to make history and end all jealousy and the pettiness that comes with it.

Help one another, don’t be discouraging to others dreams or ambitious, no matter how outrageous they might be.

Nowadays, women are quick to claim another woman a friend. If you’re going to be friends play the role and take the responsibilities that comes with the friendship. Don’t turn into a ‘monster’. We have enough as is.