#FreeBoosie nothing to celebrate

Traneshia Stormer


Last week, the ever so popular free Boosie hashtags swarmed social media sites once again. These hashtags, T-shirts and other paraphernalia have been around since 2009 when the southern Louisiana-born rapper Lil Boosie was sent to jail on drug charges.

After spending four years in a Louisiana State Penitentiary, he is a free man and his supporters are ecstatic to hear about it. Fans are once more raving on social media sites, proclaiming their excitement and getting pumped for new music.

Since I am neither a crazed fan nor a devoted follower, I was not sure what the uproar was about or why #freeboosie was everywhere, yet again. Even when I realized who he was and what was going on, I still did not understand why there was so much excitement.

Despite everything his supporters have said or are saying now, I am only excited about one thing after hearing he has been released.

That is that maybe, just maybe, I will never ever have to see anything pertaining to #freeboosie ever again. Now that he is free, you guys can finally do away with the hashtags and T-shirts.

Why are all these people rejoicing over the fact that someone just got out of prison? Shouldn’t we all be worried about other things in life that are a 100 times more important than Boosie being released?

Celebrating the release of anyone from prison who was there because he or she committed a crime like it is an accomplishment is definitely going way overboard.

Why aren’t the people who deserve to be celebrated getting the acknowledgement they deserve?

It’s not very often that you see Facebook, Twitter or Instagram blowing up that much when an African American male graduates from high school or college.

There is not this much talk and excitement when an African American gets a job and is able to give back to his community.

If we as Americans, especially African Americans, are going to celebrate anything, it should be to celebrate those young black men who are striving to actually do something with their lives and make a difference.

What kind of example is being set today? Youth and young adults can make all A’s on their report card, make the winning shot at the game, get a scholarship or graduate and still feel as though they have not accomplished anything.

Why? Because there are not enough people celebrating the things they work so hard to earn. No one is giving them the pat on the back, bragging about them everywhere they go, or just telling them how proud they are of the things they are doing or the choices they are making.

It is important to encourage, support and celebrate one another for the good, positive things we do in life. Sometimes people just need to know that someone cares about them and the things they are doing.

Let us celebrate those who have in fact done something to be celebrated. Let us celebrate the things and people who truly deserve celebration, rather than give negative things positive attention.