Spring clean more than just your home

Traneshia Stormer

Now that spring is finally here, many people are beginning to think about spring cleaning. Spring cleaning has come to be known as a time typically undertaken in the spring season where there is a thorough cleaning of a house or room.

As the sun begins to shine and cool spring breeze blows, people all over open up their windows and doors to let the fresh air in and begin the process to make their homes clean, happy and efficient spaces.

However, there are some who choose the opposite route of spring-cleaning and allow things to just pile up.

Jessica Van, a sophomore education major, said her parents should have a yard sale to get rid of all the things they have stored up.

“When parents live cluttered lives, their kids turn out differently,” Van said.

Over the year, houses pile up with miscellaneous items and some use the spring season to declutter their spaces of the things they no longer need, or want.

Typically, some will systematically go through rooms, cleaning and removing anything that is unneeded.

Davis Griffin, a sophomore construction major, said his family should “burn down the house and start over.” Griffin has a big family. Without ever spring cleaning himself, he said there is stuff everywhere.

As some families are putting together their lists of things to clean this year, there are some people adding a little something different to their lists and taking the idea of spring cleaning to an entirely different level: cleaning up their lives.

Spring cleaning no longer just refers to your home. It could also be cleaning up your life, in terms of relationships, school, financially or spiritually.

Brittany Albritton, a freshman kinesiology major, said she plans to study and exercise more. She hopes that making a schedule will allow her to focus more and get work done.

While some students are looking to make changes in their lives this spring, some say this is something they do constantly.

Why wait until the spring to start cleaning? Make changes throughout the year as seen fit.

Albritton said she really wants to spend more time with God, reading her Bible and praying.

This spring, instead of just making a list of chores to do around the house, dig a little deeper.

Think over life and the things that have happened so far this year. Is there anything in your life that needs “cleaning up”?

The saying “turning a new leaf” really works with spring cleaning.

People change and people grow. Which is one of the reasons it is important to inspect your life, choices and actions. Figure out what is working and what’s not

After doing so, you can change what needs to be fixed in order to be a better, healthier and cleaner you.