Brief: Nation, state, and local book news

Gwendolyn Ducre


Anne Rice returns with vampire sequel

She’s back. Anne Rice announced her new “Vampire Chronicles” sequel earlier this month.

The author plans to bring back main character, Lestat, along with other beloved vampires.

Rice’s novels have sold 80 million copies over the last 38 years.

The new sequel is titled, “Prince Lestat.” The novel will be a true sequel to “Queen of the Damned.” The 1988 novel was the inspiration for the chronicals.

The book comes out this October and is now available for pre-order.


Republican files bill to make Bible state book

Rep. Thomas Carmody, of Shreveport, filed House Bill 503 to suggest the Bible becoming the state offical book.

If the bill is passed, this will make Louisiana the second state to have a holy book serve as its state book.

The offical book would be the oldest state-owned bible.

Carmody is not the first politican to come up with the idea.

In 1988, Randy Dill, of Shreveport, suggested the bill but failed to find a lawmaker willing to accept his proposal.

The Republicans are expecting opposition, but remain hopeful.


Monroe library hosts book club meetings

The Ouachita Parish Public Library hosts weekly book club meetings.

Offering multiple book clubs to fit your reading style, Bayou Book Club is hosted by Ollie Burns.

Visit for a full calendar of upcoming book club meetings. The next meeting is March 29 with special guest author Ernest Hill.

The Ouachita Parish Public Library is located at 1800 Stubbs Ave. in Monroe.

The main branch also hosts movie nights with films made from literature. Next movie night is “The Book Thief.”