Hawkeye P.O.V.: SGA budget can be put to better use

ULM Hawkeye

SGA hopes to bring some fun on campus with the new budget they have been given.

Using the money to build an amphitheater or waterpark, for recruitment purposes, makes sense.

After cutting programs, losing the natatorium and already being on a pretty tight budget, having such a unique feature on campus would be a great way to not only attract high school seniors and transfers, but to give current students a little entertainment.

But, maybe there are better ways we should spend our new found money.

It’s like when we were given an allowance when we were kids. You either had the choice to spend all $20 at Kandy Land in the mall, or use it to buy the new backpack you are in desperate need of.

Before you know it, your teeth are rotting and all your books have fallen from the bottom of your seven-year-old backpack, hitting multiple teachers and friends as they tumble down the stairs.

Having the money to do something big and fun doesn’t always mean it’s the right time to do so.

There are other needs students should have fulfilled before we start splashing around in a lazy river and watching movies on a considerably large screen.

There’s not nearly enough parking on campus, Masur is where all things go to die and Sandel Hall is currently serving no purpose. Before we blow our entire allowance on the things that we want, maybe we should consider the things we need.

Sure it’s not as fun, but it is a more necessary use of our time and money.