Monroe is haunted by ghosts of victims past

Ciera Paul

Some residents of Monroe are convinced that this city is haunted.

Long ago, there was a drive- by-shooting on Jackson street, in Monroe. Monroe residents claimed to have seen the victims weeks after the homicide. It has been said that every January, about the third week, citizens walking down the street between 7:45 p.m. and midnight, may see a blood stain vanish into the ground.

Jackson Shift has been noted as Monroe’s most haunted area, where victims still linger in the streets. The stories tell how the spirits have moved from Jackson street and spread throughout the whole Monroe area.

Ka’Mara Hayes, criminal justice junior from Jonesboro, thinks campus is haunted.

“One night I was sitting on the back bridge looking at the bayou and something pulled my leg,” Hayes said.

“I looked around and saw nothing, but I know something was there,” she continued.

Whether these stories are accounts of actual events or just myths, we may never know.