Construction creates parking problems

Gwendolyn Ducre

On-campus parking has changed after the reopening of Walker Hall and the closure of parking lots surrounding Sandel Hall. 

Walker Hall’s parking lot will be designated for faculty and staff members only. Other parking areas have been distributed for commuters and residents. 

Parking decals this semester are $100; parking tickets are $50.

Parking has always been an on-going issue for students and some faculty and staff.  

Tiara Bradford, senior pre-physical therapy, said she does not look forward to any new changes. 

“Parking is horrible. It’s worse than ever now. Seems like everywhere you turn there is a construction site where parking used to be available. They should either give more space for parking or go down on parking decals and tickets,” Bradford said.

Commuters will be able to park in the same two parking lot located by Masur Hall and near Bayou Suites. In addition, commuters will be able to park in Biedenharn Hall’s parking lot. 

Faculty and staff parking on Mitchell Lane has been changed for commuter’s parking.  

Dana King, junior physical therapy major, said parking has always been troublesome for her. King’s first two years were spent in Commons II. When King lived there, she would always fight for parking.

“Parking has always given me problems. When I lived in Commons II, there were hardly ever any parking spaces. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, extra parking anywhere always helps,” King said.

Campus residents with registered cars must park according to their current living dorm. Parking will also be available to all registered vehicles west of McGuire Avenue.

 Parking behind Coenen Hall is open for residents.