College fashion affects first impressions


Gwendolyn Ducre

It can happen at first glance. There are no double takes.  The first impression is all you have, what will your attire say the first week of class? 

As much as it will never be admitted, finding the perfect outfit on the first day of class can be stressful.  

Freshmen have it the worst. Gym shorts or jeans? Comfy or cute? Oh, the dilemma. Google and Pinterst can only help so much. 

Shelby Hadley, freshmen pre-nursing major, said she took to the Internet for inspiration towards her first day style. Hadley lives on campus and will be doing most of her traveling by foot, so she still wants to feel comfortable. 

“My first class on Monday is at 8 o’clock. So, more than likely I’ll have jogging shorts on and a t-shirt-probably with a full fledge face of make-up with my hair done,” Hadley said.  

Style of dress can reflect the type of person you are as well as the type of student you are. Turner Wilson, associated professor of communications, said attire could send nonverbal communication to the people around you. 

Perhaps wearing loungewear or pajamas might imply that a student does not care about being in class. This could also show the effort that was not put into showing up presentable. What do you think that says?

For the most part, bad first impressions can be redeemable. Even if a student decides to wear that baggy t-shirt and loafers, it’s okay. How? By having the number one accessory that no one should leave behind, confidence. 

Upper-classmen can come in to a bit of a struggle with first impressions also. Now that summer is over, it’s time to get focused and serious about the future. 

Juniors and seniors are approaching the real world, fast. In the real world, appropriate style can make or break a first impression. 

Jalen Hill, junior radiologic technology, said looking the part of a particular profession is important. In some cases, it will be mandatory for a student to wear scrubs or business casual attire. 

“I feel if you’re a junior or a senior it’s [style] defiantly important. It’s a time where your graduation is approaching and the feeling of looking the part for your profession should be essential to you.” 

In some classes, students are required to conduct a speech or presentation. If this were the real world, would a professional wear yoga pants or nike slippers? No. So, since college is a preparation for the real world, students could dress for success. 

True enough students are in college for one main reason-a degree. But it never hurts to gain some helpful sociable life lessons throughout the years. 

Style of dress affects everyone, even college students. So, if there’s any stress over what to wear for the first day of class, remember you are not alone.