Robin Williams sudden suicide raises flag on depression

Gwendolyn Ducre

We all wanted one. We couldn’t get enough of that green pile of slime that made us wish we were mad scientists like actor Robin Williams in “Flubber”.  We’ve grown up and watched Williams play everything from an old sweet grandmother to a genie. 

This man seemed like he had it all, without any worries in the world. I’ve watched his acting make my grandfather laugh-and he never laughs. So, it was shocking to hear that he had hung himself.

I haven’t seen all of his projects, but I can say I’ve never been disappointed. He was unique. Unique in a way that impacted all of Hollywood. 

Let’s take his role in “Mrs. Doubtfire”, where Williams plays Mrs. Doubtfire himself. Now, think of how many other comedic actors we’ve seen over the years portraying a woman.  Not to mention the wave of guys on social media acting as women for attention. 

Without a doubt, Williams was a joy to be entertained by. Though he was not always in comedies he was generally known for his over-the-top comedic acting.

Smiles are always a sign of happiness. In some cases a smile can be a sign for help. Williams’ smile was a scream. 

He had been battling with depression for years and even struggled with drug abuse during his successful career. Yes. Even the funniest man in Hollywood suffers from depression. 

Weird though, right? How can a man with so much respect and talent actually commit suicide?  We are losing so many legends. They all seemed to have one this in common-depression.

Depression can be a serious disease that goes unnoticed. No one seemed to know what Williams was dealing with, and typically no one knows. The best way to deal with depression is talking about it. People will listen. 

Williams had a wife, children and loyal fans who all were unaware of his mental health.  All you have to do it talk with someone. You can’t keep bottled up emotions inside because they eventually take whatever strength you have left to keep on pushing.