‘Walking Dead’ star featured in new ‘Silent Hill’ video game

Gwendolyn Ducre

Walking Dead star, Norman Reedus finds himself a new fan base, and it’s not for fighting zombies. This time, he’ll be seen in a ghost town fighting for his life.

Guillermo Del Toro and Hideo Kojima announced new Silent Hill video game this year at game conference. The game will be based on the movie “Silent Hill”. 

The video game is known for it’s creative thrills. This time around, the new game will depict real live imagery of characters and scenery. Fans can watch a thrilling trailer of the anticipated video game now online. 

Tina Pham, sophomore computer science major, said as a game player she has heard a lot about the new game. Pham said the game should get a lot of buzz with Reedus as a character. 

“It’s way better than non-fictional in my opinion and it does not take away the creativity at all, it’s even more creative to think that and it’s something new,” Pham said.

Creator Hideo Kojima admitted that fans would take more to this game than any of his previous games. Kojima also admits players should not take long to unlock the code or beat the game. However, you must be a true gamer to do so.

The ‘Silent Hill’ franchise has been on going since 2006. The game will include the same plot as the original movie.

More information on the new game will be released this year. There has not yet been a release date.