‘Boy Meets World’: Next Generation

Gwendolyn Ducre

Cory Mathews is back. He’s back from meeting the world in the new Disney series ‘Girl Meets World.’ Where Mathew’s daughter, Riley Mathews, takes on her own journey of the world.

Now, I don’t watch Disney Channel anymore, but I had to watch this season of ‘Girl Meets World’-especially since most of the old cast will be guest starring. People like Mr. Feeny, Cory’s parents, Shawn Hunter even Minkus.

For every old character there’s a new one. Here’s the irony of that; Minku’s real-life son is playing the role of Minkus in ‘Girl Meets World’.

Cory’s character is still the same lovable character, but in a different way. This time around he’s a lovable nurturing big kid at heart. We’ve known him to be irresponsible. So, seeing him as a full-time parent-and teacher- is inteteresting.

We always want to know what happens in the end. Do they really stay together? Do their dreams and hopes come true? And ‘Girl Meets World’ answers all of those questions for old fans.

Though the original series wasn’t on Disney Channel, I’m curious to see how some family issues will be addressed.

Back when ABC Family aired ‘Boy Meets World,’ the show address real-life issues that most families and young people deal with.Every show had a realist lesson.

Today, people aren’t really talking about common issues anymore. And if they are, it’s light and typical. Never anything hard-hitting. That’s why “Boy Meets World’ was able to last the way it did and have something worth coming back.