More Warhawk spirit is needed on campus

Dakota Ratley

Take a deep breath on a fall Saturday on a college campus and what do you smell? That mix of meat on the grill, alcohol and sweat can only mean one thing. College football is back.

A long 232 days separates the end of last season from the beginning of this season. The summer brought the end of the “Johnny Football” era and the beginning of the legacy of “Crab Legs Jamies. “ This season looks to bring more excitement through the newly added college football playoffs.

The excitement of college football is undeniable. What makes it so special is that most of the fans in the stands have a direct relation to the team. That team represents the university, and the students make up the university. That explains the passion behind the thousands of fans that fill the stadiums each game day.

It’s unfortunate that football season doesn’t last all year. Football brings the whole school together in a way that nothing else does. There’s something about a bunch of sweaty guys hitting each other that just gets the school spirit flowing. 

Monroe seems to have a problem with that though. While school spirit has certainly risen in recent years, it still pales in comparison to many other schools in our state. Whenever people wear another school’s gear on campus, it paints a bad picture. Would you see ULM gear at LSU? I doubt it.

I get that ULM hasn’t had as much success as other schools in the state, but every program has to start somewhere. If you don’t want to wear school colors or cheer on your university for any other reason, do it because of the peer pressure. Come on, all of the cool kids are doing it!

It doesn’t matter whom your dad cheers for, your mom cheers for or you grew up cheering for in the past. You’re a Warhawk now. Why cheer for something that you are not a part over something that you are?

Enjoy the next few months. Football goes by way too fast. So go have fun at the games, tailgate with friends and please put the purple and gold apparel in the back of the closet for at least that one week in September.