Camouflaged crowd can’t hide their school spirit

ULM Hawkeye

Camouflage was all you could see (or couldn’t see) in the stands and on the field at last Thursday’s game against Wake Forest.

From the free camouflage shirts for students and other fans in the stands to the team’s camouflage jerseys, you could feel the school spirit just by looking around Malone Stadium.

The freshmen donned special camouflage shirts and ran across the field to form a tunnel to welcome the Warhawks onto the field.

Thursday’s game was the first “Camo-Out” game at ULM and the first in college football history, and our Warhawks did not disappoint. 

Even local favorite Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty was at the game to participate in the coin toss starting the game and to film for a future episode. 

 Well done to all. I am proud of the students and fans with their “talons out” and camouflage on at the game and I am certainly proud of our Warhawks.

I would say I was proud of every person in the stands at the game, but I have to make an exception for he who dared to wear a Louisiana Tech baseball cap and then to stand among the camouflage students who beat the heat and cheered on our team.  Please take your bulldog home; pets are not allowed into the stadium.

Please take your clothing and accessories with any other college insignia on it besides that of ULM and find the nearest exit of the stadium.  

The Warhawks have shown what they can do. They have had an impressive past few seasons. Let’s support them and show it.

For those that require clarification, this means leave your purple and gold at home. Leave your blue and red at home.  Leave your items that cheer on any other school besides ULM at home on game day (and every day). 

If you call yourself a student, faculty member, alumnus, friend or fan here at ULM, represent by wearing your maroon and gold (or camouflage when they call for it) on game day.  This requires minimum effort but means you are a part of these Warhawks, win or lose. 

If you show your Warhawk pride at all of this season’s games like most did at last Thursday’s game, welcome home to Malone Stadium.  If you have no Warhawk pride to show, go home.