Nursing degree ranks top 10 in nation

Gwendolyn Ducre

The Kitty DeGree School of Nursing program ranked top 10 in the nation. ranked the program number nine on its list. 

According to, the program has a top 10 Board Exam Pass Rate. 

Jo’ Hillard, junior nursing major, said she is proud to be in the program because she is confident the program will prepare her for the field.  

Hillard said the ranking doesn’t shock her because there are “skilled professionals who love nursing and love passing down knowledge” to the students.

“They also want to see the students succeed and work all five semesters to make sure that we are prepared for NCLEX type of questions and real life situations,” Hillard said. 

Students said the nursing instructors are hands on and have high expectations for their students and future nurses. 

Taylor Beckett, junior nursing major, said the curriculum itself is what helped the programs ranking. With just one semester, Beckett said she is certain she will be prepared for the real life problems she will soon be facing.

“After graduation, I believe I will feel more prepared compared to others from other nursing programs. But there is always aspects you have to get used to going from school to being on your own in the field,” Beckett said.