Poor hygiene equal to unhealthy living

ULM Hawkeye

Students address hygiene issues that may be faced when living in campus housing.

Asantra Green believes hygiene to be as simple as taking care of your body daily.

“If you feel good you will be motivated to have better hygiene. If you have good hygiene you feel better about yourself and have more self-esteem,” said Green, a senior psychology major.

Keeping your body clean is vital in illness prevention, according to livestrong.com.

Washing your hands after restroom use and frequently throughout the day can prevent the spread of germs between large populations.

Monitoring nail growth is an important step to keeping healthy.

Infections and abnormal growth can occur if nails are not regularly trimmed and cared for, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Athlete’s foot is the most common form of fungal infection, as it can be passed between direct contact or surface contact. For example, if an infected individual showers unprotected they may pass it on to the next individual to use the shower.

Keeping good hygiene is a sign of good mental health, as those with depression and other mental illnesses may stop caring about their physical appearance.

“There are a lot of depressed people who have bad hygiene because they just don’t care anymore. It’s not worth it. Not caring is a sign of depression. But having bad hygiene doesn’t define who you are,” said Alyssa McMurray, a freshman computer science major.

McMurray believes good hygiene can improve your mood and boost self-esteem. McMurray considers exercise and eating right a critical part of good hygiene.

“I know I’m not the healthiest person but I take care of myself,” said McMurray.

McMurray keeps a list of tasks to do each morning and night.

“It keeps me on track. If I don’t feel like doing something it won’t get checked off and that makes me mad. I’m very stubborn,” McMurray said.

Good dental hygiene can prevent gum disease and other mouth related infections.

“I brush my teeth twice a day. I shower and get dressed every day. Getting dressed is part of my hygiene routine,” McMurray said.

Adequate rest is considered a factor of good hygiene as a lack of sleep can comprise the human immune system.

Adults are advised to get eight to ten hours of sleep every night.