Editorial: Sex sells music, but where is the love?

Eddie Fountain

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I remember there was a time when music spoke to people and had great meaning. I could watch a video and the video would tell such a story I would be eager to see it again. Now it’s hard for me to come by that feeling anymore. Now it seems music is focused more on sex than having the words or videos mean something.

When it comes to the type of songs I enjoy listening to, I prefer a selection that doesn’t refer to women by derogative names or that uses a vast amount of profane language. This is the same for videos; I prefer to watch videos that relate to the song in a nonsexual way, whether it be literally, figuratively, or metaphorically.

I find myself asking why do the majority of musical artists have to go down the road of sex. Why do men have to simulate sex with women in their videos, or why do women have to be almost completely naked when singing their songs. Is sex needed that much to sell music in today’s society? Is the statement, “Sex sells,” more true than I once thought. Well I surely hope not.

Music is suppose to be a form of speaking, a form of expressing ones opinion and it’s suppose to inspire and uplift and make people think. It isn’t suppose to encourage sexual intercourse or cheating.

Which brings me to another issue I’m having with the music of today, hardly anyone sings about love anymore. I can remember some of the greats, “I Will Always Love you,” “Here and Now,” and “My Heart Will Go On,” just to name a few. Now it seems the songs that get the most recognition these days are songs promoting cheating or breaking up. Can we really be this cynical with relationships? Do we really enjoy the harsh tones of hate over the soft tones of love?  I again surely hope not.

There is some hope though, because even though there are a lot of songs that are put out there just to promote sex, there are songs out there that are reminiscent of what songs use to be about. It’s because of these I still have hope that one day it won’t be just about sex, or cheating, or breaking up. It gives me hope that music videos won’t promote sexual intercourse or some other form of meaningless acts. Hopefully one day the music industry will return to using their creativity for the majority of making the music mean something and not for making sex.