Project 17 promotes healthy relationships

Josh Dean

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The group Project 17 is based on the biblical verses of John 17 and its accompanying Christian message. The group stresses the need to be involved with campus ministries and the communities they are a part of.

The project hosted an event discussing how to navigate the pitfalls of dating and how to form solid, concrete relationships.

The event featured several guest speakers who each brought a message of guidance on the travails of love and included a minister from the Wesley and the wife of congressional candidate Zach Dasher.

In the BCM, students listened as the speakers gave a message that was counter to a lot of what is promoted in popular culture today.

In a society that is dominated by the idea of the self and has been coined by the popular term of the “me” generation, a message of selflessness and compassion was needed according to Preacher Wesley Allen.

“I think that for students they’re in this pre-marriage pattern of life. We need to give them solid things, or values, to hold onto,” Allen said.

These values were defined as communication, vulnerability, selflessness, self-giving and the ability to be taught or to listen to others and accept criticism.

Parker Neathery, a freshman undeclared major, said, “It’s really cool to see the perspectives from different preachers.”

Students came to hear a message that gave them an alternative way to look at and understand the nature of relationships and dating.