Sport’s editor gives new Taylor Swift album 4 out of 5 stars rate

Dakota Ratley

Taylor Swift’s new pop album “1989,” is different than anything she’s done before. Gone are the tearful acoustics, enter the sounds reminiscent of eighties pop. Taylor starts out strong, and never looks back.

Taylor Swift’s new album “1989,” plays just like a pop record from, well, 1989. Taylor put away her acoustic guitar for the most part, opting for catchier, dance tracks.

These synth heavy songs could be the soundtrack to every Saturday night in history. 

Swift has come a long way from the baby-faced 16-year-old she was when she was first signed. The now 24-year-old seems to have found her place in the music industry. 

The first half of the album is Swift just getting warmed up. She welcomes the listener to her new sound with “Welcome to New York.”

The lyrics “Everybody here wanted something more / Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before,” personifies the album. Swift goes for the new sound and owns it.

The first half of the album is highlighted by the tracks “Blank Space” and “Style.” In “Blank Space,” Swift happily chimes that she “can bad guys good for a weekend,” and in “Style,” Swift sings about the classic bad boy, good girl romance.

The Billboard Top 100 number one song, “Shake It Off,” serves as the midway point of the album. The song launched to number one on many charts, and has been noted as one of the fastest climbing single to date.

The second half is when Swift really kicks it into gear. Each song really stands out. In particular, the two tracks where Swift slows the tempo down. In “Wildest Dreams,” Taylor croons about the way she will be remembered.

“This Love” is the most reminiscent of the old Taylor. Although there is heavy pop influence, the strumming of the acoustic guitar and songwriting capabilities of Swift are really highlighted.

The deluxe edition available at Target also includes three more tracks, “Wonderland,” You Are in Love” and “New Romantics.”

It also includes three voice memos in which Swift takes the listener behind the scenes of the songwriting process.

This is an album that will stick in the listener’s head. Each song seemingly has a catchy chorus, and Swift’s voice shines even in her new fast paced sound.

On the album, Taylor shows her talent can span a variety of genres. She took over country and now she has her eyes set on the pop world.

With “1989,” she’s well on her way of accomplishing her pop takeover.