Students explore campus for science

Josh Dean

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Several students within the atmospheric science program went to an event Sunday at Texas A&M where they were able to tour the university’s atmospheric science facilities and associate with others within the major.

The ULM students were able to see and learn about equipment utilized within the field, walk through A&M’s atmospheric science classrooms and gaze through their cloud observatory.

Holly Mallinson said that she learned a lot about what her future held.

“I learned a lot about graduate school and research and what that’s like, since that’s what I want to do after graduating ULM,” said Mallinson, a junior atmospheric science major.

Students were able to compare and contrast the types of classes taken at A&M for the major to those here at ULM.

Elisa Murillo said that the same degree could consist of different classes from different universities.

“It’s strange but cool that depending on where you go dictates what classes you take for the degree,” said Murillo, a junior atmospheric science major.

The experience provided students with insight into some of the programs offered at the school within atmospheric science, which mainly focused on research.

Stephen Kreller said the Research Experience for Undergraduates is offered at Texas A&M.

“The REU program provides a great opportunity for students within atmospheric science to perform research with their professors,” said Kreller, a junior atmospheric science major.

Kreller valued the chance to meet other atmospheric science students.