BCM hall in need of repairs

Gwendolyn Ducre

A blue bucket sits in the corner collecting the water that leaks from the ceiling. It’s time for renovation. That is exactly what the Baptist Collegiate Ministry (BCM) fellowship hall will undergo.

Though renovations will not begin until funding is complete, the blueprints and mock building have been approved and completed. Chad McClurg, BCM Director, said he hopes to finish fundraising by fall 2016.

The BCM primarily suffers from water damage both inside and outside of the building. There has been flooding, missing roof tiles and unoccupied rooms that were designed for student use including some popular hangout rooms.

Paul Ware, a junior communications major, said that he would like to be able to play some of his activities in the rooms that have been blocked off due to water damage.

“I think the game room, lodge café and green room are the most structurally pressing concerns in the renovation plans,” said Ware. “I’d personally really enjoy playing billiards with my buddies again.”

Ware also said the closing of some rooms encouraged students to interact more with other students.

“I’ve met a lot of people in the smaller space than I might have because of their distance throughout the building,” Ware said.

Some students said the building isn’t just a place for worship, but it’s also a great way to meet new people, a place to study and a stress-free zone.

If the building doesn’t undergo renovations, the time span of the building could soon come to an end.

McClurg said the process has been overwhelming, but a learning experience to say the least. Through fundraising, he’s seen a lot of people who are willing to help just by the good work of the ministry.

“It’s a lot of work, but it’s motivating,” said McClurg. “We want to be here for the next generation.”

The entire building will be bulldozed down to have a completely new look. The entrance will be shifted at an angle, giving more space for extra rooms. The building will also feature a larger worship room to seat more students. There will be apartments built on the BCM’s lot that will be available for worship leaders. 

The BCM welcomes all and plans to continue its worship in the building until renovation starts. Renovations will not interfere with worships and events. There will be accommodations made possible for those who wish to still partake in worship.

The BCM was built in 1970 and has been a fellowship and worship hall for all students since.