Student shares Belgium experience

Olivia Barfield

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Stacy Reppond presented “Ambiance 1914: La Belgique se souvient Belgium Remembers,” Wednesday night as part of the School of Humanities’ commemoration of the 100th year anniversary of World War I.

Reppond is a senior triple major in journalism, French and Spanish at ULM.

In her presentation, Reppond shared her experiences of studying abroad in Liège, Belgium.

Reppond stayed in Belgium for a month to study French at the Université de Liège.

The presentation was largely focused on the World War I commemoration that Reppond was able to attend during her time in Belgium.

Reppond began by giving background information of Belgium and its involvement in the war.

Reppond then told about a museum exhibit that she visited in Belgium called “J’avais 20 ans en 1914” or “I was 20 years old in 1914.”

“This resonated with me,” said Reppond. “I am and I was 20 years old when I went to the museum, but I could never before fathom what life must have been like for a 20-year-old during World War I.”

Reppond’s new connection to WWI was extended through Belgium’s commemoration events called “Ambiance 1914.”

Several European leaders were present at the commemoration, which emphasized reconciliation because it is always possible.

Although some refer to WWI as the “forgotten war,” Reppond disagreed.

“By attending this commemoration, I know that we haven’t forgotten,” Reppond said.

Students enjoyed hearing of Reppond’s experiences.

Jessica Lee said that the interest came through Reppond’s unique storytelling.

“I really like how she took us through the museum through pictures so we could see the exhibit for ourselves, and how she made it relate to our age group,” said Lee, a sophomore pre-nursing major.

Reppond’s presentation was the last in the School of Humanities series of presentations to commemorate WWI.

The end of the war will be remembered at the annual ULM Veterans Appreciation Ceremony on Tuesday, November 11, from 10:30-11:30am in the Library Conference Center on the 7th Floor of the library.