Make resolutions for new semester along with new year


ULM Hawkeye

Though some Warhawks have already made resolutions while ringing in the New Year, the time has arrived for students to make resolutions such as these for a new semester.

1. Improve health by making time for it
No pun intended, but college students can have a lot on their plates. The desire to be healthier means time must be set aside for planning, cooking, exercising or other tasks. Put important tasks related to improving your health in your schedule.

2. Exercise with friends to stay motivated
Head to ULM’s Activity Center, try out the new Planet Fitness or run a lap around campus when the weather is reasonable (Good luck!). Figure out what types of exercise work for you.
For those who already frequent the gym, try not to make those who are working on their resolutions and might be new to these exercise machines uncomfortable.

3. Buy groceries that make sense
If you live in a dorm and don’t have the luxury of an oven, stove or other appliances, cooking will require creativity.
Make a masterpiece in the microwave. Become inspired by microwave recipes on for dorm room delights such as “Chicken Parmesan” or “Cake in a Cup.”

4. Target that shiny GPA
Though the general consensus of students is likely that they want to “make good grades,” excel academically by determining your specifically desired semester GPA and cumulative GPA.

5. Explore your interests
Take a fun class perhaps outside of your major such as Classical Mythology (LATN 3003), Wheel Throwing Ceramics (ART 2004) or African-American Literature (ENGL 2016).
Wait to change your major (again) until you’ve given it a chance. Join a campus organization that you’ve had your sights set on but always had an excuse to wait to join later.

6. Budget so you don’t break the bank
Write down your income and expenses that way you can determine how much money you have left over this month to spend at Taco Bell. Limit your Starbucks intake to just one or two drinks each week. The money you save now will help later in the semester.

7. Determine the hours of sleep you need. Then sleep
Though it might be difficult to accept, students require sleep to function. As your parents did, give yourself an ideal bedtime.
Though urgent 3 a.m. trips to Waffle House with friends or a paper for your English class due tomorrow might require you to stay up later, try to go to bed around this designated time most nights.

8. Take time for yourself
With a rigorous class load, full-time or part-time job, membership and leadership in multiple student organizations, students might lack the time to relax and to enjoy these college years.
Do not forget to occasionally do something that you enjoy such as reading that book or watching the movie “The Notebook” for the 20th time surrounded by tissues.
It’s not too late to decide to make the most of your college experience.