Fire alarms lead to student, faculty evacuation from library


Gwendolyn Ducre

The library’s fire alarm was triggered around 10:30 p.m. Jan. 14 causing students and faculty members to evacuate. The alarm was triggered due to a smoke-like smell library patrons identified.

Steven Mahon, officer in charge, said the best assumption of what caused the smell was started by a computer.
“Best guess that we heard was maybe a computer had burned out after the electronic burned smell- somebody mistaken it as smoke,” Mahon said.

Students rushed down stairs in a panic to get to the nearest exit. Most students were actively studying or working on class assignments when the sirens from the alarm began.

Terrance Mickens Jr., junior computer information systems major, was working on a quiz when he heard the fire alarm go off. Mickens said all he could think about was his quiz at the time of the evacuation.

“I’m sure I’m locked out by now and I had plenty of time to do it. So, I was almost complete. I ain’t trying to fail,” said Mickens. “I was mad, but I was glad that everyone got out safely. I was happy about that. It’s all about the people.”

Students and those working on the first floor could all smell the smoke.

“It was a little smoky. It smelled like barbeque,” said Mickens. “They did a pretty awesome job of evacuating people.”

ULM PD as well as fire officials were on the scene soon after being alerted. Fire officials cleared the library then searched for what could have caused the smell.

Dan Booth, district fire chief, said the library was cleared and there was just “a little trouble resetting the alarms.”

No one was reported injured nor was there any property damage.

Students and faculty members evacuated around Starbucks and were given permission to return.