Fitness goes viral with new app

Josh Dean

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A new mobile application could change how students keep track of intramural activities and fitness events at the Activity Center.

Kelsey Bonin, a junior toxicology major, said, “Working in the Activity Center, I’ve seen people miss sign-up dates because they were unaware of the times.”

Looking to “modernize” the way in which students participate in these activities, “REC*IT” was launched this semester and may soon be available for use by ULM students.

This application combines social networking with intramural schedules to keep students up-to-date of athletic events.Its features include discovery, scheduling, communication, team, personalization and news. Updates are given on particular aspects such as rosters, group rankings and individual statistics.

REC*IT was created by David Oestreicher. Oestreicher previously worked on the business side of intramural and recreational sports for nearly a decade.

This application could also increase participation in activities.

“I usually don’t even know when the intramural activities are unless I hear it from another friend or take the time to go through my mail and read about them,” said Ryan Lindsey, a junior toxicology major.

Lindsey said he loves participating in competitive events on and around campus, but he never knows when these events are happening and how they work around his current schedule.

He also said the application could create more of a competitive spirit between groups on campus participating in intramural activities, as it keeps team scores standings and individual rankings. This allows for monitoring of team progress and individual progress.

The application could help students integrate intramural activities into their daily schedules.

Holly Mallinson, a junior atmospheric science major, said the center does not advertise much elsewhere on campus despite the fact the Activity Center has a schedule of its events offered.