Health for one, coverage for all


Gwendolyn Ducre

Today, one and five young adults are without health insurance. Betty Cooper said that’s unacceptable.

Cooper is a computer literacy instructor and certified federal insurance navigator. She hosted the National Youth Enrollment Day on campus, Jan. 28, to help students get enrolled and covered. Cooper said it was time to bring awareness to those students who are not covered.

“The ULM students are a part of my community, so I want to serve them,” said Cooper.
Many outlets and services are available for those who need assistance on getting covered.

Justice Gardner, accountant freshman major, decided to sign up for person-to-person assistance with Cooper at the event. Gardner said she recently has gotten sick and will need assistance with her medical expenses.

“I need to be able to get my medicine and to see the doctor without the bills pilling up on me,” Gardner said. “Plus, I’m in school and I don’t have much help.”

Cooper said she wants every student to be healthy so they can be productive citizens in the future.

The deadline to get enrolled is Feb. 15. Cooper said enroll now to avoid paying the penalty later.