Foreign students share culture

Josh Dean

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The ULM Offices of Culture Connection and Global Education presented an Academic and Cultural Presentation entitled “China and Japan” on Monday.

The guest speakers were Jianwe, a professor and visiting scholar from the University of Ludong, in China, and Kiwame Kono, a distinguished professor from the University of Ehime in Japan.

The presentation highlighted unique educational experiences, as well as cultural insight and values gained while studying abroad in China or Japan.

Each year, two to four students attend Japanese Universities, and a similar amount to those in China.

The presentations offered students a glimpse into the lives of those living thousands of miles away across the Pacific and featured interactive PowerPoints and games.

“My favorite parts during the Chinese presentation were the depiction of the act of the throwing beans, which is done to ward off evil spirits at the beginning of the New Year and the card game featuring wise euphemisms,” said Deidre Williams, a junior kinesiology major.

“I hope that students not only learn and take in other cultures during their travels but also take the time to engage in self-reflection. It is one of the most important and rewarding aspects of traveling abroad,” Kono said

Jathon Thompson studied abroad in Japan for one year and said he learned a lot through self-reflection.

“When I’m in America, I’m surrounded by the same culture I’ve grown up in,” said Thompson, a junior secondary education major. “Whenever I moved to another country where there were a lot of people different from me I started to reflect.”

While in Japan, Thompson was able to pick up on more than just the language but the customs as well.

“I’ve learned Japanese people are extremely humble and will never brag on themselves, and because of this have looked to become more humble,” said Jathon.