University improves drug arrest rank

ULM Hawkeye

A new study based on 2013 information ranks ULM 16th in the country for most on-campus drug arrests.

This is an improvement from data released last year with numbers from 2011 arrests that put ULM at number 10. ULM’s crime statistics shows 63 on-campus drug arrests in 2013.

That is down 87 arrests from the previous year. Camile Currier, vice president for student affairs, said most of the arrests made on campus involve non-students that are walking or driving through campus.

According to, the drugs most often found on ULM’s campus are marijuana and prescription pills. KNOE also said one reason arrests could be so high is because ULM has its own police force.

The Clery Act requires colleges to report all incidents that occur within patrolled areas. When the UPD make a drug bust, they must report it despite whether the suspects are passersby or ULM students.