Hawkeye staff rakes in 8 awards from south conference

Traneshia Stormer

The Hawkeye received awards from the Southeast Journalism Conference’s 2014 “Best of the South” contest.

Out of 30 categories, they received awards from eight.

Carmen Blackwell, ranked seventh for Best TV News Feature Reporter. Blackwell is a member of the HawkE video team, a new and recent addition to The Hawkeye.

This was Blackwell’s first collegiate journalism award. She said, “I had no idea it would receive an award.”

Winning this award has motivated Blackwell to continue pushing herself past her comfort zone and to give reporting her all.

The Hawkeye set a personal record even though the weather kept them from attending the conference and participating in the on-site competition. They won eight awards and are now ranked number fourteen with SEJC.

The Hawkeye’s previous record was five awards at SEJC.

Ashley Lyons ranked number seven for College Journalist of the Year, and ninth for Best Feature Writer. She is the Hawkeye’s editor-in-chief.

“I was grateful to know that my hard work had paid off after three years of writing,” said Lyons, a junior communication major.

Breanna Harper, ranked eighth for Best Newspaper Page Layout Designer. She is the Hawkeye Co-Managing Art Editor.

“I feel reassured that it really does matter what I’m doing here,” said Harper, a senior communications major.

Tejal Patel, senior marketing major, ranked sixth for Best Opinion Writer. She is The Hawkeye Opinion Editor.

ULM ranked number one for Best College Audio News Program and number ten for Best College Video News Program.