80’s night at ULM

Olivia Barfield

CAB hosted its annual Casino Night on Tuesday in the SUB Ballroom, which was transformed into an 80’s themed casino game room complete with food, 80’s music, and students and faculty that were dressed for the decade.

Faculty and staff got involved by adorning themselves in 80’s attire and volunteering as dealers for several casino-style games.

Students were glad to see the faculty and staff got involved in the fun.

“I didn’t expect to stay very long, but I didn’t realize I would have so much fun. The food was awesome, and the teachers were so much fun to play casino games with,” said Christina Bruno, a junior marketing major whose favorite game was blackjack.

Attendees received $4,000 game-night “dollars” as well as coins to gamble with during the night.

The SUB Ballroom was full of games, including blackjack, craps, and slot machines. No prior knowledge was needed to enjoy the fun, because dealers instructed students on how to play.

Students won and lost their “money” gambling, and at the end of the night, their remaining “money” could be exchanged for tickets to enter into the Casino Night raffle.

Students bought the raffle tickets for a set price. Better gamblers won more “money,” and therefore more chances to win.

CAB raffled off a variety of high-dollar items at the raffle, including wireless mice, tablets, Beats by Dre, Bluetooth speakers, headphones, and a 32” TV.

A costume contest was also a part of the 80’s-themed festivities.

A crowd vote decided that Olivia Remsberg 80’s style was worthy of first place. Jale St. Romain and Shelbi Waln came in at second and third place, respectively.

The night was a big success, with many students showing up to enjoy the activities.