Fans fill Live Oaks bar for Ryan Cabrera, Secondhand Serenade

Josh Dean

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Several artists and bands brought Monroe to life Thursday night at Live Oaks Bar and Ballroom with a full night of performances.

Ryan Cabrera along with Secondhand Serenade appeared as part of their Radio Revival Tour. The night also included appearances from Nick Thomas and the band Wind In Sail.

A native of Dallas, Texas, Cabrera is a platinum-selling singer, songwriter and musician known for massive pop hits such as  “On the Way Down,” “True” and “Shine On.” He co-headlined the tour that stopped in Monroe to promote his new EP “Wake Up Beautiful,” which marks his first album release in over seven years.

His new album combined sounds his fans “have come to love” yet also moved forward with a more mature sound.

His songs have come to be known for their “infectious and emotive” nature. The album’s hit song “House on Fire” looks to capture this essence.

“’House On Fire’ is about burning everything down and being crazy while you can,” Cabrera said.

Though the singer was new to some students, many said they enjoyed and plan to listen to more of his music.

“I actually didn’t recognize a lot of it. The only songs I knew were ‘On the Way Down,’ and ‘True,’ but I really enjoyed it and I’ll be listening to more of his music for sure,” said Caleb Willis, a junior construction management major.

Most students noticed Cabrera’s energy during his performances.

“I didn’t know any of Ryan Cabrera’s music until last night, but I really enjoyed listening to him and his band perform. He has a great stage presence,” said Emily Dean, a freshmen occupational therapy major.

Cabrera performed after Secondhand Serenade, which is a band familiar to many in this college generation.

Kallie Etheridge, a junior English major, said she mainly came to see Secondhand Serenade as she used to listen to their music frequently.

“The highlight of the night was probably when Secondhand Serenade sang ‘Fall For You’ and everyone was singing as loudly as they could, but I also enjoyed just having a good time with my friends and enjoying the good music,” said Kallie Etheridge, a junior English major.

Caleb Willis also called the performance of “Fall For You” one of the night’s highlights.

Students jumped at the chance to meet and to take pictures with members of the band.

“I went to see Secondhand Serenade and the highlight of my night was getting a picture with the lead singer of the band, John Vesely,” said Emily Dean, a freshmen occupational therapy major.