Einstein Bros here to stay

Gwendolyn Ducre

The bagels aren’t rolling away after all.

After faculty and students voiced their comments and concerns and new construction coming along on campus, ULM’s Dining Services will keep Einstein Bros. Bagels open for one or two more years.

Robert Hoag, director of Campus Dining Services, said it was more beneficial financially and by popular demand to keep it open.

“Sales have increased a little bit from last year, so that has helped, but we just need a little more volume to be able to go past that one or two years,” Hoag said. “The people that like it really love it. But the price point is a little high, but it’s good quality. I eat there just about everyday.”

When it announced it’s closing, a month ago, students started a petition in hopes of keeping the restaurant around.
Several students said, to them, it was the only breakfast restaurant they can eat at without ordering fried sandwiches such as those at Chick-fil-a.

Kirsten Lee, sophomore accounting major, was one of those students. Lee said she signed the petition not only for herself but because she saw how much other students liked it.

Lee also said at first, she was disappointed when she found out they would be closing.

“I’m very excited now that I know officially that they are keeping it open,” Lee said. “Now that it will stay open, I have more opportunities to eat bagels and try their different foods.”

Hoag said he didn’t see the petition but heard about it.

To have an effective petition, though, students would have to account for as many meal plans that the university currently receives which is over 1,700.

“Sure a petition would help or an e-mail. We want to do what pleases the students,” Hoag said “We want to have what they want.”

Students and faculty weren’t the only ones pleased to hear about the continuing of the restaurant. Though the employees’ jobs were not at risk, few said they were still happy to hear it will not be closing soon.

Hoag said the continuation of the restaurant will remain based on the student’s wants.

“If business picks up we can keep it open for a long time, but it things stay the way they are we’ll look at making a change,” Hoag said.

Students will have the chance to give their recommendations on what those changes could be when the time comes.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Masters said she was hopeful for a new restaurant to replace Einstein Bros.

“Our student Union Building needs a little more diversity,” she said.