Students connect through food

Olivia Barfield

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Students, faculty and staff from all over the world displayed their cultures through food at ULM’s annual International Food Fair on April 1 in the SUB Ballrooms.

The community was invited to join as 13 different countries were represented at the fair.

Each country set up a presentation table that displayed their county’s flag and popular cuisine.

Many students dressed in their country’s traditional garments to serve their food, and music from all over the world was played.

The food at the fair cost 50 cents to $1 per item, and drinks were provided for free.

Attendees grabbed plates and bowls to fill up with different food items after buying their tickets, and then walked around the Ballroom to make their purchases.

Americans and international students attended the fair.

They were exposed to many different cultures no matter where they were from.

Shelbi Penny, a sophomore mathematics major from Louisiana, attended the International Food Fair between classes. Her favorite food was hot potatoes from Cameroon.

“I enjoy seeing the different qualities and customs of all the cultures,” Penny said, “International students get to live in our culture every day, experiencing our food as well as how we dress, but it’s pretty rare-if ever-that we get to be submerged in their culture and really see all of those qualities from their country.

International students that attended the food fair appreciated the chance that it gave them to share their culture.

Da Hye Lee, a ULM student from South Korea, helped serve Bulgogi, cucumber Kimchi and Kimbab at the food fair.

“I really enjoyed the fair. Trying all cultures’ food is a new experience and it makes a lot of memories,” Hye said.

The Nepalese table served chicken dumplings known as ‘Momo’, ‘Aloo chop’, and a chicken curry known as ‘Masoo ladbad.’

Bishal Karkee, a ULM student from Biratnagar, Nepal, enjoyed representing his country at the fair.

“I greatly enjoyed the food fair because the wide variety of food from all around the globe was quite an experience, and I was part of the fair. It was good to represent my country ‘s cuisine to a wide range of audience,” Karkee said.