Roles reverse in campus classrooms

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Roles reverse in campus classrooms

Josh Dean

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Students and faculty took a walk in each other’s shoes on Thursday for “The Big Switch” by trading places for  the day.

The program is 20 years old and gives students and professors the opportunity to experience what it’s like to be each other.

Students sign up to switch with a teacher or administrator and are voted for by their peers to decide who will participate.

This year, students switched places with everyone from the Dean of the College of Business, to the director of athletic affairs, to an administrator within the office of recruitment and admissions.

Bria Savage switched with the director of athletic affairs for the day and found out from the start how important his job was.

“I had one lady come in and tell me about the donors that they had and how the contributions coming in had been doubing,” said Savage, a senior kinesiology major.

Savage said switching places with Brian Wickstrom made her realize how important his job is to the campus because “without him we wouldn’t have the renovations we have today.”

Savage said her overall experience was very enjoyable.

Haper Golsby traded places with an administrator in the office of recruitment and admissions.

Her day consisted of taking a tour of the office and being told what her job would be. Through the process she discovered that the administrator’s job was not one to be taken lightly.

“I learned how much the people in the group admissions office travel around the state,” said Golsby, a freshman marketing major.

Golsby found that she enjoyed talking to people and that getting people excited about coming to ULM is something she thinks she could do well.

Dillon Walker swapped places with the dean of the college of business.

Walker’s day involved looking over “some strategic plans” and talking to someone on the advisory board, a CEO in Chicago for a finance firm, as well as the associate dean of the college of business.

“I learned a lot of that is going on at the moment at the college of business and the different things they are trying to do,” said Walker, a sophomore accounting major.

The Big Switch was established two decades ago by the 31 Ambassadors.

The program was designed to show what the day in the life of administration is like, and likewise with a student.

Joshua Stockley got to feel what it was like to be a student again, as he switched places with an Honors Art student.

“I think that it’s fun to sit in the classrooms to remember what it’s like being a student and to remember the student perspective,” said stockley, assistant professor of political science.

Stockley also enjoyed seeing how his other colleagues delivered their material during lecture. However, Stockley isn’t new to the switch game.

“This is my second year doing the switch and I had a very enjoyable experience last year and this year as well,” Stockley said.

Stockley enjoyed switching places this year that he is more than willing to do it next year too.

“If I’m invited or asked to participate next year I will very eagerly do it. I think it’s great, fun and invaluable camaraderie building among teachers and students,” Stockley said.