Orphan dogs trade shelter for new family homes

Gwendolyn Ducre

The phrase “dogs are a man’s best friend” proved to be true for the men of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity last Monday, as they bonded with the dogs.

The fraternity hosts Pikes for Pups every semester to raise money for the Ouachita Parish Animal Shelter and to raise animal abuse awareness. The organization raised over 500 dollars this semester. These same students volunteer at the shelter every month.

Wyatt Medlin, junior business management major and the chapter’s vice president, said he always hears sad stories about the animals in the shelter when he goes, but one dog stood out most.

“One dog, Tropper, he was a hound dog with three legs. You couldn’t tell him he had three legs. He was walking around having a good time. He was one of the ones who got adopted,” Medlin said.

Two students adopted Tropper after bonding with him during Pikes for Pups.

“I’m really glad to see he got adopted,” said Medlin. “There ultimate goal was to get these dogs adopted.”

This event invites students to come and interact with the dogs for just two dollars. It also enables the dogs to get out of the kennels and the shelter.

“Before finals start, students are stressed. Well, it’s kind of a stress relief playing with dogs. They can pet the dogs and be less stressed. It’s more laid back and you can take on the challenge of finals,” Medlin said.

Students can adopt any dog at the shelter for 70 dollars. The dog will already have its shots and be up-to-date with medical attention.

According to a shelter volunteer, the money Pi Kappa Alpha raised will help cover medical expenses for the animals.

Hailey Kelly, sophomore risk management major, said she attended the event last year and didn’t want to pass up another chance to pet the puppies.

“There were a ton of cute little puppies and I just love playing with animals,” Kelly said.

Kelly visits animal shelters, but she said she hates going and watching animals without families or a home.

“Every time I go, I end up crying. I love dogs so much, or just animals in general,” Kelly said.

Like Kelly, many students want to adopt but fear they will not have time or enough money to keep up with the animal’s expense.

But shelter volunteers encourage those who are low-income based to seek the help of Paws of Northeast Louisiana Spay and Neuter Assistance Program.

This program is designed to help owners who are most in need of financial support.

Those who apply and accepted will be asked to pay a co-pay amount for any procedure the pet needs.