School oozes out for Spring Fever

Josh Dean

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While the end of the semester is making some people feel like they are struggling through mud, students and faculty got down and dirty in Saturday’s Oozeball.

It is a mud volleyball tournament played in six to eight inch deep pits of clay, mud and water.

It helps to cap off a week of Spring Fever action at ULM.

The sport originated at the University of Conneticut in 1984 and has been listed by Sports Illustrated as number 33 on a list of “top 100 things you gotta do before you graduate.”

The event involved over 32 teams this year among three divisions including guys, girls and co-rec.

Each team featured a unique name and style contributing to the fun atmosphere surrounding the game.

Trophies were given out to the best two teams of each division and tournament action carried on well in to the late afternoon.

The co-rec division included over sixteen teams. Games went  back and forth, down to the wire as nobody wanted to bow out and admit defeat in this lose and go home system.

The tournament came down to a match up between the AMS “Moist Diabetes” and “ESL.”

After a hard fought match and close first half ESL pulled away and won the co-rec tournament for the second year in a row.

Quy Tran was a member of the ESL team and enjoyed  another experience of Oozeball.

“It’s awesome. We got to repeat! Most of our team came back from last year and we’ve kept some good players,” said Tran, a first year pharmacy program student.

The “Moist Adiabats” fought as hard as they could but in the end lost to the winners of the previous year.

Holly Mallinson was a member of the losing team, but was thankful to participate in the event.

“It was really exciting to be able to go a far as we did especially since we considered ourselves an underdog,” said Mallinson, a senior atmospheric science major. “We had to come back in almost all of our games so being able to come back and win from some big deficits really pumped us up for the next game.”

The girls division was equally hard fought and saw many matchups as well.

In the end a soccer centered team, “Balls Deeper,” brought home the crown after fending off many other talented teams.