Survive summer concert season by preparing now

Olivia Barfield

Students who love music might count down the days left until summer.

These fans will likely soon trade classes for concerts. With outdoor music festivals like Van’s Warped Tour, South by Southwest, Bayou Country Superfest, TomorrowWorld and Austin City Limits, one can’t blame them.

Fans of every genre can find a place to rock out. But before heading out to these concerts, prepare so you won’t have regrets later when jamming out.

1. Wear comfortable shoes. Warped Tour veteran and sophomore ceramics major Stephanie Walker said they’re the most important part of walking around all day.

2. Drink water. Bring your own water bottle, as it will be cheaper. Some venues offer refill stations. Walker said to drink water no matter your thirst.

“You’d rather have spent half your money on it than have been taken to the hospital,” Walker said.

3. Protect yourself from the sun. Wear sunscreen. Don’t forget to reapply. Rachel Quimby, also a Warped Tour veteran and a sophomore English major, said reapplying every two hours is a must. An umbrella or hat might also help.

4. Protect your belongings. Bring a cinch backpack or fanny pack with no unprotected zippers that people could easily unzip and steal from.

“Keep your money in a safe place, because people are jerks,” Walker said.

5. Charge your phone before you go. Conserve its battery life throughout the day.

6. Take breaks to sit and rest your feet. Sophomore pre-speech language pathology major Shelby Walters frequently attends these concerts and found the need for a chair or towel.

“Bring something to sit on especially if it’s a multiple day concert. A lot of venues don’t provide any place to sit down,” Walters said.

7. Read what you can and can’t bring to the show before the show. Check out the festival’s website for this information.

8. Plan it out.  Write down a “must-see” list.

“Get a schedule and talk to your friends about where everyone wants to go and when,” Walker said

9. Dress appropriately. If it’s hot (which it most likely will be), dress for the heat. Quimby said wearing long pants or sleeves is like “begging” for a heat stroke.

10. Don’t forget the tickets!