ULM personalities pair up for podcast

Olivia Barfield

The student-faculty duo of Michael Roboski and Hunter Harris met surprise success with their conversation-based podcast “The Robot Sky.”

Roboski, a senior marketing major, and Harris, ULM’s communications and marketing specialist, host it together. The name comes from an auto-correction of Roboski’s name on Microsoft Word. Usually 30-55 minutes long, it airs on Fridays.

Roboski describes the podcast as “essentially a hub for southern nerd culture. Topics range from Space Movies, to a Game of Thrones exclusive episode, to just us chatting about what’s going on in our lives.”

They started the podcast after hearing their conversations were enjoyable to listen in on.

They said they hope others will join the conversations.

“Taping your talks can seem narcissistic to some people, but we’ve always wanted it to be about the conversations we can start with others, rather than just talking to hear ourselves talk,” Harris said.

Asa Warren, a senior speech language pathology major and regular listener, said he’s a fan of its southern nerd culture.

“I really like the variety of topics that are covered on Robot Sky. The snarky humor is a plus, too,” Warren said.

The podcast started in October. It has reached a combined 2,130 total downloads on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Roboski formed therobotsky.com last month for his digital marketing class.

It complements the podcasts with regular blog posts. Harris will begin posting soon after Roboski’s class project.

Nearly 8,000 people just this month have viewed Roboski’s posts.

Roboski and Harris have big plans for it. They plan to post more and create a YouTube channel. The Robot Sky merchandise will also be available.