Tackle toxins for summer body with powerful flavors

Gwendolyn Ducre

With school ending, all you can think of is tanning on the beach.

I tell myself yearly I’ll be ready but never am despite starting diets strong.

So I’ve been experimenting with different detox options. Let’s break it down. (No pun intended.)

It’s great for beginning new diets, intensive workouts or wanting to flush out water weight and old toxins.

These are a few detox recipes I’ve tried.

Caribbean Detox

This old Caribbean detox is my favorite right now. It calls for two cups of pineapple juice or three pineapple spears, three ginger roots and a cup of water.

I prefer to use spears to blend with the ginger. It tastes better without the added sugars of pineapple juice.

This detox is designed to cleanse but does even more. My face clears up and gains a natural glow.

The ginger also helps headaches, prevents ovarian cancer and reduces motion sickness.

These two ingredients give me a lot of energy for the gym. Try it out and e-mail me your thoughts.

Yogi Detox 

This is a strong detox for the upper classmen. It’s disgusting but gets results.

The tea has cloves, ginger, cinnamon, peppercorn and whole green cardamom pods. It includes milk and honey for taste.

But the taste is horrible. It smells like ginger but tastes like cloves and water. If you haven’t tried a clove, don’t.

As much as I go on about its taste, I admit it works.

When I wake up, I can feel the toxins leaving my body. I also feel a rush of energy in the morning.

Lemon Water Detox

Most of you are familiar with this. It’s easy and manageable. I’ve seen it done in three ways.

I’ve seen  sliced lemons soaking in a pitcher of refrigerated water. Or for the organized on-the-go, I’ve seen individual water bottles filled with sliced lemons.

Then there’s me. The on-the-go rebel. I simply squeeze four drops of lemon juice in my water bottles.

Now, with this detox I see no results. Probably because I’m the rebel, right?

I’ve tossed this off my detox list, but I still use it for taste. I also use lime juice.

If you want me to choose for you, I will suggest the Caribbean Detox.

But I must warn you: If your detox doesn’t make you go, then don’t use it any “mo’. “